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Avenge the fallen

So want one of these bad boys Kustom Kontrollerz™ on Twitter It’s not about how much we lost, it’s about how much we have left.” Here are the #AvengersEndgame inspired Kustom Kontrollerz designed by @MrMPViral RT & Tag a friend who’d want one! Xbox One & PS4 – https://t.co/cLF128y5ot Use Code LAUNCH for 20% off!
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Finally Deadwood is back!

Rumour have been doing the round online for years, talk about a new series or movie has keep my interest. Finally the other day a trailer for the upcoming HBO movies drop and what can i say, fantastic. Deadwood was about a gold rush town in America, it was a lawless place that was governed by key members of the community, until the world start to invade and it shows how the old founders deal and cope with new people moving in. Great show and so glad there is going to be more adventures. Watch “Deadwood: The Movie (2019) |
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Live action Dora film? since when?

So why am i only hearing about this now, it looks great, it got action, humour with a hint of nostalgia. The girls would watch Dora the Explorer all the time when they were younger, so will be interesting to see the similarities. Will definitely be dragging both daughters to go see this when it comes out at cinema. Watch “Dora and the Lost City of Gold – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures” on YouTube
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Brings back memories…

WOW, the music bring back so many memories from my youth. And the one liners are amazing. Great comedy show about a ageing DJ and his new career as a Manny to his best mates daughter. Another great Netflix show. Watch “Turn Up Charlie | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix” on YouTube
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Disney Fox merger is official

So it official the merger is complete, let’s see what the future holds Disney closes its $71.3B Fox acquisition As of 12:02am Eastern today, Disney has closed its acquisition of 21st Century Fox . The goal of the enormous acquisition is to help Disney position itself for a streaming-centric future. The company has already taken a step in that direction with the ESPN+ streaming service, and it has plans to la…
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The possible future of gaming revealed!

Well so far it looking good, look forward to pricing, game availability etc. But as a product and service it got a lot of potential, let hope the big game developers get on board and deliver some great content. Watch “Stadia Official Reveal: The Future of Gaming from Google” on YouTube
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Superhero Horror or just just another Horror Movie

I’m not going to lie had to Google this to see if it was a series or film. Looks like a cross between a twisted superman film and stranger things crossed with Preacher to be honest. Looks good and hope it not just the trailer scene that are great. Comes out on 24th May 2019. Watch “Brightburn – Trailer #2 (2019) Elizabeth Banks, James Gunn” on YouTube
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Collection two on Wattpad

So have began publishing my second collection on Wattpad this time it a collection of poems and verses. Hopefully you enjoy them. Made by Andy – Poems & Verses – Andrew Devlin – Wattpad collections of Poems, Verses and more written by me Purple Moon If you haven’t already checkout out Purple Moon Adventure it a monthly collection of short stories, about a purple talking rabbit. It’s available on here or via Wattpad. Check back each month for more exciting adventures.
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