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Hey there, welcome to my 2020 update. Please come back soon for more interesting stuff.

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  • Artemis Fowl
    Wouldn’t have gone to cinema to watch this but I’m sure glad i watched it on Disney+
  • COD Season 4 Trailer
    It took it’s time (and still downloading update) but it here

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  • Things I want to do before I die
    I always thought a bucket list was for when a major life changing event happened in your life but it turns out they can also be used by everyone for tracking and records thing that you have always want to do well before one of these “life events”. It a great way to set your goals and dreams and record them for the future.
  • New Test 1
    This is a test post


  • ComicCon@Home
    Might not get to the real SDCC anytime soon but here some great news on a free event streamed online
  • COD Season 4 is coming
    An interesting article with some info on COD season 4
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