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  • 1st to 17 Coming Soon
    So over last few weeks I’ve been working on a board game, that can be downloaded and printed and be play virtually via messenger, zoom or any video chat platform
  • Things I want to do before I die
    I always thought a bucket list was for when a major life changing event happened in your life but it turns out they can also be used by everyone for tracking and records thing that you have always want to do well before one of these “life events”. It a great way to set your goals and dreams and record them for the future.

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  • Artemis Fowl
    Wouldn’t have gone to cinema to watch this but I’m sure glad i watched it on Disney+
  • COD Season 4 Trailer
    It took it’s time (and still downloading update) but it here

My Watch/Play List
Date Added
Grimm8TVNetflix UKFantasyShow based on Grimm Fairy Tales but with a twist.
Weeds9TVNetflix UKComedyGreat show about a Single mum who starts selling weed after husband dies.
Black Mirror8TVNetflix UKScifiEvery episode is a different story of the use of tech in scary way.
Star Trek: Discovery9TVNetflix UKScifiNew Star Trek series set before the orignial series
The Cloverfield Paradox5FilmNetflix UKScifiSomething about this film just make you want more, how does it fit into the cloverfield universe? Is there actually a clovefield universe? My mind is blown. Anyway great movie and hope to see more from JJ.
Snatched7FilmNow TVComedyFilm about a mother and daughter on hoilday in south America and how they get kidnapped and escape and have a mini adventure and end up getting the head bad guy caught.
Jessica Jones7TVNetflix UKSuperheroNetflix/Marvel Show about a girls with superhuman strength and her struggles again her nemesis
Seven Seconds7TVNetflix UKCrimeThe show about a police cover up in jersey of a black teen by a group of doggy cops. It show the struggle of the victims family, the community, the police and the 4 cops involved
The Orville8TVFox UKScifi ComedySeries is about a starship and it crew and there adventure in space but with humor throughout
You Me Her7TVNetflix UKComedyFunny series about a 30 something married couple and how they fall in love with a 20 something college student
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine9TVNetflix UKScifiStar Trek series based on a space station orbiting a wormhole leading to the far side of the universe.
Peaky Blinder9TVBBC & Netflix UKDramaBased on true events in Birmingham between WW1 and WW2 about gangsters and there lives
Mean Girls5FilmSky CinemaTeen ComedyFilm about a new girl at high school
The last Laugh7FilmNetflix UKComedyIt about a retired standup Comedian and his manager and there adventure of that one last standup circuit.
Russian Doll7TVNetflix UKComedy DramaThe shows about two stranger who die over and over again. All the while trying to fathem out why they relive the same time again and again. True binge watch show
Titans8TVNetflix UKSuperheroFirst of DC "new" series for there streaming service. Good all rounder show and hoping that future series will he set in same universe and with similar style and feel.
The Umbrella Academy9TVNetflix UKSuperheroShow revolves are a group of kids that are all adopted my this Scientist after they are all born on the same day. It about how the character develop after loosing touch and then comeback together as adult after the death of there father.
Game of Thrones9TVSky AtlanticFantasyOne of the Great show ever written has everything in it
The Walking Dead9TVFox UKZombieShow is about survival in a post apocalyptic world ruled by Zombies. It show how humanity can loose itself and survive and develop in any conditions.
One day at a Time8TVNetflix UKComedyshow the life of a cuban fsmily in America and how they deal with life
Nightflyer1TVNetflix UKSpaceCouldn't get into it and stop watch after only a few episodes
The expanse9TVAmazon PrimeSpace Operashow revolves around faction and government across the sol system and gow they deal with each other, good and bad.
Life of the Party7FilmSky CinemaComedyA mother get dumped by her husband and so decides to go back to College to finish her Degree. Unfortunately it at the same University her daughter goes to.
Primeval9TVSyfyScifishow is about a team of Scientists investigating anomaly, what they are and how they affect us. Show was cancelled well before it should have and hope in the future a reboot, spin off and something else happens to bring it back to our screens.
The First Purge7FilmSky CinemaHorrorGreat film show how even when people are at there lowest they can unit against a common enemy or issues and fight (literally with this film), like this series of films but this one goes to a new level, no long just entertainment but shows a social grassroot movement begin. Hope there is a sequel in this same style
Big Bang Theory7TVE4ComedyShows revolves around a group of scientists, there friendships and lives
See You Yesterday9FilmNetflix UKTime TravelGreat film about a girl trying to save her brother and then her best friend from being shot in the past.
To the Lake8TVNetflix UKZombieRussian made show about a disease that starts in Moscow, that causes people eye to go weird, coughing up blood etc and a rage to attack people. It centres around a group of survivors and there fight to survive.08/10/2020
Hubie Halloween7FilmNetflix UKHalloween ComedyA humourous halloween movies with Adam Sandler. Very light heart slapstick comedy08/10/2020
Star Trek: Picard9TVAmazon PrimeSpaceStand alone show about Captain Picard.22/01/2021
Star Trek: Lower Desks9TVPrimeSpace AnimationAdult based cartoon about lower desk offices on board a starfleet spaceship22/01/2021
Fallout 769GameXboxAdventureSet after a nuclear war and bethesda first multiple playing Fallout game, had it issues when it first came out but as gone on to become a grerat game22/01/2021

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