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Just in time for my Birthday one thinks, ??

So I might be a fully grown adult with two daughter one who is nearly an adult herself but I’m so looking forward to this film, almost as much as Game of Thrones, Lego Movie 2 and Avengers: Endgame. I had fond memories of the original from all those years ago and now can see the live action version with Will Smith as the Genie, he got big shoe to fill after Robin Williams. Now just got to decided on where to go and get something to eat before. Watch “Disney’s Aladdin – Special Look: In Theaters May 24” on
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The Worst Year to be Alive?

Always wonder why the Dark age was called well the Dark Age but after reading this fascinating article on Curiosity, it makes so much more sense. What Was the Worst Year to Be Alive? Does it ever seem like things are worse than they’ve ever been? There’s certainly a lot of bad news these days, but believe us – things have been worse. In 1918, an influenza pandemic killed more than 50 million people. In 1349, the Black Plague wiped out half of the population of Europe. What Was the Worst Year to Be Alive? | @curiositydotcom
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Titans spinoff looks good

Well technically it’s not a spinoff as Doom Patrol is a group of superheroes in there own right, but I’m talking about the DC spinoff show from Titans here. We first met the Doom Patrol in an episode of Titans during which we found out about Beast Boy’s backstory. Looking forward to seeing were this TV universe takes us. Watch “DC UNIVERSE | MEET THE DOOM PATROL” on YouTube
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1st Beast Down

Can mark today as a success already just took down my first Scorched Beast in Fall 76. It was only a level 50, but am very happy with myself. Check out my Xbox profile for more captured images and achievements from my the games i play
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Purple Moon and the facts

Purple Moon is a series of short stories about a talking rabbit called Purple Moon and his adventures and they are all written (and sometimes illustrated) by me. There are some rules I have set for this series, more information on each rules can be found below. Also I will be publishing these stories on Wattpad as well Rule List Purple Moon has to be a character in the story. Plot is based on a set of picture dice. Story has to be between 1000 and 2000 words. Story can’t he linked to pervious stories except for having Purple as
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A great show got another chance..

After hearing that The Expanse was cancelled by Syfy due to distribution arrangements, I’m glad that it was pickup by Amazon. The show is a great example of human discovery and difference in a space era and how humans can develop outside of the restrictions of Earth. Unfortunately it also show the dark side of humanity and how some will always want more that others and do anything to get what they want. Watch “The Expanse – Exclusive: New Home | Prime Video” on YouTube
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Fast & Furious Spin-off looks the part and it funny.

So when i first heard about this spin-off, i thought to myself it not going to be that good, after all there no cars. But this movie trailer has the action and humor we all come to expect from this great franchise. Look forward to it release. Watch “FAST & FURIOUS: Hobbs & Shaw Trailer (2019)” on YouTube
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Don’t take your blindfold off, boy..

So I’ve heard mix reviews on Bird Box and oh course it spawned the last stupid internet challenge crazy, but I really like it. It’s not one of my top movies, like Good Will Hunting or Star Trek First Contact but the story was solid, it had twists and depth at times and I always like a good pychological horror, that you can just watch and not really have to think about it, I know that not what a pychological horror is all about but I find horror movies as a whole allow me to switch off from the real
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