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Superhero Horror or just just another Horror Movie

I’m not going to lie had to Google this to see if it was a series or film. Looks like a cross between a twisted superman film and stranger things crossed with Preacher to be honest. Looks good and hope it not just the trailer scene that are great. Comes out on 24th May 2019. Watch “Brightburn – Trailer #2 (2019) Elizabeth Banks, James Gunn” on YouTube
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Fresh spin on The Magicians

First thing I thought of when watching this trailer was this is like that show on Syfy, about the magicians. After watching till the end it nothing like it but also so similar. Do enjoy a supernatural theme show, Vampire Diaries and Supernatural were both amazing. Look forward to adding this to my watched list in March. Watch “The Order: Season 1 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix” on YouTube
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A great show got another chance..

After hearing that The Expanse was cancelled by Syfy due to distribution arrangements, I’m glad that it was pickup by Amazon. The show is a great example of human discovery and difference in a space era and how humans can develop outside of the restrictions of Earth. Unfortunately it also show the dark side of humanity and how some will always want more that others and do anything to get what they want. Watch “The Expanse – Exclusive: New Home | Prime Video” on YouTube
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Don’t take your blindfold off, boy..

So I’ve heard mix reviews on Bird Box and oh course it spawned the last stupid internet challenge crazy, but I really like it. It’s not one of my top movies, like Good Will Hunting or Star Trek First Contact but the story was solid, it had twists and depth at times and I always like a good pychological horror, that you can just watch and not really have to think about it, I know that not what a pychological horror is all about but I find horror movies as a whole allow me to switch off from the real
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The Birth of Game Boy

What an informative minute long video about the birth of the legendary handheld console, the Game Boy. Loved that wee guy, had two at one point. In fact it’s getting added to my Top Gadget Collection section shortly.  Tetris was the best. Watch “Game Boy | Lore in a Minute!” on YouTube
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Life sized Lego truck

To celebrate the launch of Lego Movie 2, Chevrolet build this life truck. Wow what great work from these 18 master builders. Watch “Full-Size LEGO® Silverado | Chevrolet” on YouTube
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