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Finally Deadwood is back!

Rumour have been doing the round online for years, talk about a new series or movie has keep my interest. Finally the other day a trailer for the upcoming HBO movies drop and what can i say, fantastic. Deadwood was about a gold rush town in America, it was a lawless place that was governed by key members of the community, until the world start to invade and it shows how the old founders deal and cope with new people moving in. Great show and so glad there is going to be more adventures. Watch “Deadwood: The Movie (2019) |
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Live action Dora film? since when?

So why am i only hearing about this now, it looks great, it got action, humour with a hint of nostalgia. The girls would watch Dora the Explorer all the time when they were younger, so will be interesting to see the similarities. Will definitely be dragging both daughters to go see this when it comes out at cinema. Watch “Dora and the Lost City of Gold – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures” on YouTube
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Superhero Horror or just just another Horror Movie

I’m not going to lie had to Google this to see if it was a series or film. Looks like a cross between a twisted superman film and stranger things crossed with Preacher to be honest. Looks good and hope it not just the trailer scene that are great. Comes out on 24th May 2019. Watch “Brightburn – Trailer #2 (2019) Elizabeth Banks, James Gunn” on YouTube
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Fresh spin on The Magicians

First thing I thought of when watching this trailer was this is like that show on Syfy, about the magicians. After watching till the end it nothing like it but also so similar. Do enjoy a supernatural theme show, Vampire Diaries and Supernatural were both amazing. Look forward to adding this to my watched list in March. Watch “The Order: Season 1 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix” on YouTube
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I just want to play Civilization 2 now

So watching this trailer make me want to play an old favourite of mine, wish it would just come to Xbox, after all the console supports Keyboard and Mouse now. The second one had to be the best. What was your favourite? Watch “Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Announce Trailer (NEW EXPANSION)” on YouTube
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Just in time for my Birthday one thinks, ??

So I might be a fully grown adult with two daughter one who is nearly an adult herself but I’m so looking forward to this film, almost as much as Game of Thrones, Lego Movie 2 and Avengers: Endgame. I had fond memories of the original from all those years ago and now can see the live action version with Will Smith as the Genie, he got big shoe to fill after Robin Williams. Now just got to decided on where to go and get something to eat before. Watch “Disney’s Aladdin – Special Look: In Theaters May 24” on
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Titans spinoff looks good

Well technically it’s not a spinoff as Doom Patrol is a group of superheroes in there own right, but I’m talking about the DC spinoff show from Titans here. We first met the Doom Patrol in an episode of Titans during which we found out about Beast Boy’s backstory. Looking forward to seeing were this TV universe takes us. Watch “DC UNIVERSE | MEET THE DOOM PATROL” on YouTube
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Fast & Furious Spin-off looks the part and it funny.

So when i first heard about this spin-off, i thought to myself it not going to be that good, after all there no cars. But this movie trailer has the action and humor we all come to expect from this great franchise. Look forward to it release. Watch “FAST & FURIOUS: Hobbs & Shaw Trailer (2019)” on YouTube
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Discovery is back

Well today is the day season 2 of Star Trek Discovery starts on Netflix been very eager to see this after the closing moments of season one, with the appearance of the Enterprise. I’m only a few minutes into episode and still no sign of Mr Spock. Let hope Ethan Peck can do the character justice. Watch “Star Trek: Discovery | Season 2 Trailer [HD] | Netflix” on YouTube
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