A Bit about me..

I was born in Germany on an RAF base in 1982. I have to two Children Emily and Sky, who mean the world to me and I would do anything for them. I live at home with my parents for 4 reasons now; cheap rent, free babysitting, allows me to keep an eye on my ageing Mum after my Dad died last year and I couldn’t leave her own her own for the time being.

I smoke (Vape at home, roll ups and cigarettes at work and when I’m out and about) but don’t take drug and only drink when I go out which is rarely now a days. I’m a night owl and don’t do morning (personal morning should start till lunchtime). I try to live a health and active life but fail on a daily basis.

I enjoy learning new things and you find me always asking questions, personally and professionally. When not working or spending my days off with my daughters, I enjoy listening to most types of music as long as they have a good beat and at least a few words. TV and movies play a big part of my free time, and you’ll find me on Netflix, Disney+, Sky TV or Prime Videos most evenings, while play Fallout, COD or Minecraft on the Xbox. My favourite genres are Sci-fi and Horror but I enjoy Action, Comedies and some Musicals (One of my favourite movies is “The Greatest Showman”).

I used to be a website designer and loved it but due to poor mental health I had to give it up. Now a days you’ll find me working at BP in South Queensferry.

Work & Education

Ever since leaving high school in 1998, I have had many life experiences through college, university, self-employment, unemployment, and general just working for several different organisations and company including;

  • BP Retail
  • Currys
  • THS (Scotland)
  • McDonalds
  • Tesco

Experience & Skills

  • Retail (inc. Merchandising, Replenishment, Dry Stock Management & Wet Stock Management)
  • IT (inc. System Architectures, PC Repair & Database Administration)
  • Office Skills (inc. Word Processing, Spreadsheet & Publishing)
  • Sales & Customer Services (inc. knowing my customer, personal & team targeting)
  • Web Design (inc. HTML, CSS, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, scripting)
  • Management (inc. disciplinary process, scheduling & policy admin)

Hobbies & Leisure

  • Finding out new things
  • TV & Movies
  • Gaming
  • Gadgets & Technology
  • Lego
  • Music
  • Swimming
  • Science Fiction & Horror
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Scottish (Past, Present & Future)

Final Thoughts…

Over my life i have experience many wonders and acquired so much knowledge both good and bad and will continue this trend as long as I draw breath. I am pretty easy-going person and believe that happiness and family, come before money and wealth. I don’t practise religion regularly but am very spiritual and believe in God, in all his forms.

Any question just ask…

There more to come…