Purple Moon and the Magic Glasses

It was early on a Wednesday when Purple Moon was walking down the road. He looked around at the rolling fog that flowed across the grass in the park like a great river thundering through the Faraway Valley. Purple found himself staring at the foundation that seemed to be rising from the low fog and wondered why he never seen this foundation before. Why did he never stop and admire the natural beauty that was only just a stone throw away from home? After a short moment of spiritual reflection he thought he should get on way to work, before Mr Mouse fired him for being late again.

He arrived at the studio just in time for the sun to fully rise above the tall building of the neighborhood. Mr Mouse was walking towards him looking at his watch. Purple knew Mr Mouse would have an issue, he always did, everything Purple did was wrong in the eyes of his Boss. If he swept the stage floor, Mr Mouse would say he was doing it wrong and scald him, ripping the brush from his hands and promptly showing him how to do it ‘properly’. But on this morning Mr Mouse seemed distracted, he hadn’t see Purple yet, which gave him moments to run inside and get his jacket hung up and pretend he had been there since 8 o’clock. Purple decided he would make a run for it, unfortunately in this daydream he forgot he needed to unlock the door and ran straight into the security shutter that was protecting the large studio and expensive IT, film and audio equipment within. He forgot he would need to disable the alarm and raise the massive medal panel before he could even think about unlocking the beautifully engraved glass doors that led into the foyer that housed his small maintenance office.


“Morning Mr Moon, are you ok?” came from a voice that seemed to be behind him one second and above him the next. Purple moments later was lying on his back with Rex Grey looking over him.

“You seem to have forgot to do something?” Chuckled Rex.

“Mr Mouse is going fire me for sure this time, have you seen him?”.

“It’s okay I just seen him heading into that new Coffee place around the corner”. Purple stumbled to his feet, his head thumping from the fall that had just occurred.

“Morning” Purple said “How was your time away?”

“Morning to you to, but never mind about that now, let’s get you inside and get you checked over, your forehead looks sore”. Purple disabled the alarms and place his key into the shutter lock, stumbling he turned the key and the huge steel panel raised up in the metal box above the doors. The two of them headed inside, Purple hung his big woolly coat up in cloakroom beside his office before sitting down to assess what had just happened.

“Jinz Purple, you proper out did yourself in that injury there, I seen you running head first in that damn shutter, just before you slide backwards on that sheet of ice” Rex signed, “the city just doesn’t care anymore about treating the street not even the rubbish gets collected on time, what do we pay our rates for… I wonder?”

“Now rest up for a while, I will explain to Mr Mouse what has happen and not to give you a hard time”

“Cheers Rex” in that moment Purple put his head back and closed his eyes.

“Purple.. Purple, where are you, you lazy rabbit, I need you in the stage area, like yesterday” Mr Mouse voice boomed out of the PA system. Purple came to and looked at the bottle cap clock on his office wall, it was mid morning, Mr Mouse would be mad. He grabbed his tool box and headed through the door that led to foyer and onto the staging area. He felt a little light headed as he grabbed the wooden frame, flashing back to earlier and his unfortunate date with disaster with the shutter and icy pavement. He got to the stage a few seconds later, Mr Mouse was standing with his hands on his hips, shaking his head and talking to Rex.

“Hello Mr Mouse”, “Hello again Rex” Purple said

“Mr Moon, where have you been, this camera is not going to fix itself” Mr Mouse said with an angry look on his face.

“Sorry Mr Mouse, I’ve been attending to eh… ”,

“Mr Green, has informed me about your accident, don’t think this will get you out of your work”. You could see the steam start to escape from Mr Mouse ears. “We need that camera working, so that Mr blue, and Lily can get on with their work”

“Okay Mr Mouse, got you, give me 5 minutes to see what the problem is” still a bit shaken from earlier, purple knelt down and opened his tool box to get his goggles out, safety first was Purples mantra. Instead of goggles, there was a strange pair of glasses that Purple had never seen before, they were rainbow coloured with round lenses and the glass seemed to gleam like magic.

“Okay, who has my goggles?” everyone in the staging area looked around shaking their heads.

“Sorry Purple I’ve not seen them” shouted Lily from behind her monitor.

“Come on Purple” said Ronald “Can you just go without them this time or just wear that pair of glass?”. Ronald Blue was a camera and CGI specialist, who worked with Lily Black on animations and stop motion video produce at Mouse Films. He was a bit of snake, well he was an actual snake as well and was always following Mr Mouse, agreeing with him about everything. Lily on the other hand, was lovely, she always wore beautiful flowing dresses that would sway in the breeze from the fan that Ronald needed to use, even on a freezing day like today. Lily was a animator and graphic designer, her and Ronald were the lead team at the studio and always got first pick on new projects and what equipment they used. Purple put on the glasses. While Ronald was talking to someone, Lily walked over to the camera to see if Purple needed any help,

“Hi Purple how is the head? Rex was telling me about this morning, hope your ok”

“Im fine thanks, just a bit dizzy but that is fading fast, I like your dress” Lily was wear a bright red dress today which made Purple feel a bit better after all, Lily meant a lot to him and he just wanted to ask her to coffee, but didn’t have the confidence.

“Thanks, I guess” Lily said. “You always have wonderful things to say about my appearance”

“Found the Problem, it is the bulb, it had blown, I will go get one from the office” Purple stood up and headed out the door, before he could think about it Purple spurted out “Lily are you free for dinner tonight”.

“Sorry Purple, what was that you said?” She was distracted by Ronald doing his daily dance around Mr Mouse.

“Come on Mr Moon, we need this equipment working.” shouted Mr Mouse.
Purple made a quick exit, wondering why he said what he said. He sat down at his desk and took off the glasses, head in hand, he started thinking about the event that had just happened. Where did that come from? I’m normally so shy around her? What is happening?

Moments later Lily walked in to the office well glorified cupboard with a desk in it.

“Hi Purple, you ok? You just asked me out.”  Without thinking Purple picked up the glasses and put them on again.

“Yes I did, are you free?” he said, what is happening Im normally to scared to talk to her about these things. Suddenly Purple had a moment of realisation, it the glasses, before he put them on he felt nervous and scared, but now things were different he had this feeling of confidence that he never felt before. But there just glasses, how did that work? Purple attempted to take the specs off but couldn’t they seem to be stuck to his face. What going on? As purple came to from his deep thoughts all he heard was,

“Yes Purple I would love to come on a date with you this evening.”

“Okay where would you like to go?” he said

“How about you decide and let me know, I always like talking to you Purple, you put me at ease” Lily turned around and headed out the door and back to her work.

“MR MOON, THE CAMERA IS NOT GOING TO FIX ITSELF!” Boomed Mr Mouse over the PA system. Purple jumped to his feet and headed over to the cabinet where he kept the spare parts. He grabbed a bulb and headed back to the staging area.

Still wearing the glasses, Purple strolled into the room, with a confident swagger, and walked straight up to Mr Mouse, and before he even had time to think..

“Mr Mouse, I don’t appreciate you shouting at me over the PA” Wow these glasses are incredible he thought “I am doing my job and by you shout and micromanaging me, I’m finding it hard to actually do that job” Purples voice raised as he spoke “And furthermore, Mr Mouse, there is no one on this planet that would put up with your moaning and constant belittling” I’m on a roll thought Purple. By this point everyone in the room had stop what they were doing, and were gazing with amazement at the events unfolding in front of them, steam was venting out of Mr Mouse’s ears like nothing ever seen before.

“And finally MR MOUSE” Purple raised his voice in anger “ if you don’t get off my case and let me finish my work, I am out of here”

“YOUR FIRED, GET YOUR STUFF AND LEAVE MY BUILDING IMMEDIATELY!” Mr Mouse said with anger in his eyes “You will never work in this town again” Purple turned around and marched out the door, pausing at the doorway, Purple turned around and shouted to Lily

“See you tonight then at 7pm at Pete’s Pizza Place.”

“Okay” Lily called back with a nervous voice, like a frog had got stuck in her vocal cords “See you there”.

The evening was a great success both Lily and Purple enjoyed themself, Purple ordered pizza, while Lily had spaghetti bolognese, after which they danced the night away at Lou’s Nightclub and Bar. Ending the night with a kiss and setting plans for another night out, Purple thought to himself how pleased that these glasses had magically found him. how was with the girl of his dreams and no longer under the rules of that little mouse. Still wearing the glasses, he thought to himself, tomorrow would be the start of something new, a new Purple in a new world.

Unfortunately little did he know that the real owner of the glasses, was looking for them and had his army of whispers out searching for the missing glasses of Ru.

The End.

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