Purple Moon and the facts

Purple Moon is a series of short stories about a talking rabbit called Purple Moon and his adventures and they are all written (and sometimes illustrated) by me. There are some rules I have set for this series, more information on each rules can be found below. Also I will be publishing these stories on Wattpad as well

Rule List

  1. Purple Moon has to be a character in the story.
  2. Plot is based on a set of picture dice.
  3. Story has to be between 1000 and 2000 words.
  4. Story can’t he linked to pervious stories except for having Purple as a character in it.
  5. One short story has to be written and publish each month.

So who is Purple Moon?

Purple Moon was originally the name i gave my horse in Minecraft. Back in the day, when Minecraft was the main game i played all the time, I decided to come up with a random name for my first horse I would tame in any new world i created. If i remember correctly i use an online name generator to come up with it. Over time i thought to myself how could i continue to use this name, now in 2019, Purple Moon short stories was bored. Instead of a horse though i changed the character to a rabbit, as these are my favourite animals.

He a standard looking rabbit, on a normal day he eat carrots and bounces around. Purple is like a traditional rabbit, firstly he purple and can talk.

What are picture dice?

Not sure the exact name for these but the story starts a few year ago when I bought my eldest daughter a set of dice called Story Cubes. They are a range of dice sets with image on the six sides. Each set is based on a theme, one for example is action. Anyway fast forward to January 2019 and i came across an Android app called “Story Dice” it allow you to roll up to 10 dice based on different themes. Check put this app here.

Sometimes I may use my daughters story Cubes who knows.

Why set number of words?

Well I started thinking about how I didn’t want these short stories to be to short but at the same time didn’t want the to roll on and on and on. I aiming to have the stories around 1500 words each but some maybe a bit shorter and other long as long as the finished story is no longer than 2000 words.

Why there wont be links between stories?

To make each story fun and interesting i decided to that no two short stories would be link, that way I can start a new world each time i write a story.

Why one story each month?

I set a one story a month rule as I feel if I don’t I will slowly over time stop writing. On the flip side I want this to me a fun project so aiming one a week would make it boring and I definitely know I would stop writing.


This is my first attempt at writing and publishing my work publicly. I have in the past wrote stories but these never got past a note pad and were mainly for my own amusement.

Also I apologise now that grammar and spelling isn’t 100% as I never been good with language and suffer from a condition called Scotopic Sensitivity which make me see things differently and sometimes I can miss sections of writing. It can be fun reading a story and suddenly jumping sections and it not making any sense. All stories will be read over by my “chief” critics, my daughters before publishing, so your in safe hand that stories are more child friendly. They wont be family oriented just child friendly, as there will be some action and other adult themes covered.

Well enjoy my stories, I now i will enjoy writing them. Any constructive criticism and feedback is appreciated.

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