Don’t take your blindfold off, boy..

So I’ve heard mix reviews on Bird Box and oh course it spawned the last stupid internet challenge crazy, but I really like it. It’s not one of my top movies, like Good Will Hunting or Star Trek First Contact but the story was solid, it had twists and depth at times and I always like a good pychological horror, that you can just watch and not really have to think about it, I know that not what a pychological horror is all about but I find horror movies as a whole allow me to switch off from the real world and just not think about real things.

Watch “Honest Trailers – Bird Box” on YouTube

Anyway off topic there for a sec, let talk about this video, firstly honest videos are a great way to see what others think about a movie. I always find when watching these vids that you discover something that you missed when you watch the actually film itself. This trailer was no exception, I learnt that Sandra Bullock says boy a lot and people are really stupid when it come to internet challenges. Well the second one I already knew just thought i would mention it as Bird box is another film that proves it.

If you have not seen it yet, give it a good, Bird box is available on Netflix.

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