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Don’t take your blindfold off, boy..

So I’ve heard mix reviews on Bird Box and oh course it spawned the last stupid internet challenge crazy, but I really like it. It’s not one of my top movies, like Good Will Hunting or Star Trek First Contact but the story was solid, it had twists and depth at times and I always like a good pychological horror, that you can just watch and not really have to think about it, I know that not what a pychological horror is all about but I find horror movies as a whole allow me to switch off from the real
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The Birth of Game Boy

What an informative minute long video about the birth of the legendary handheld console, the Game Boy. Loved that wee guy, had two at one point. In fact it’s getting added to my Top Gadget Collection section shortly.  Tetris was the best. Watch “Game Boy | Lore in a Minute!” on YouTube
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Life sized Lego truck

To celebrate the launch of Lego Movie 2, Chevrolet build this life truck. Wow what great work from these 18 master builders. Watch “Full-Size LEGO® Silverado | Chevrolet” on YouTube
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Discovery is back

Well today is the day season 2 of Star Trek Discovery starts on Netflix been very eager to see this after the closing moments of season one, with the appearance of the Enterprise. I’m only a few minutes into episode and still no sign of Mr Spock. Let hope Ethan Peck can do the character justice. Watch “Star Trek: Discovery | Season 2 Trailer [HD] | Netflix” on YouTube
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Things I want to do before I die

I always thought a bucket list was for when a major life changing event happened in your life but it turns out they can also be used by everyone for tracking and records thing that you have always want to do well before one of these “life events”. It a great way to set your goals and dreams and record them for the future. There are a few different services and website that let you list and give you some great inspiration like or Buckist but I have decide to list them on here instead with separate post very
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